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Don’t just build a website, build a marketing platform that will transform your business. Why do we only develop websites in WordPress? Websites have to do more than just represent your brand online. They must generate leads, convey your expertise, collect information, and do all of this well on multiple devices at lightning-fast speeds. To get there, you don’t need a website developer—you need a website team that understands the complexity of these tasks and brings them together in an easy-to-use platform. WordPress is the answer.


It’s simple. All of the power with none of the headaches. WordPress comes with several SEO best practices built in and it has easy-to-use tools for managing SEO. Some of the most important SEO factors—such as headings that help search engines understand your content and keywords in page titles—are simple to set up and change. WordPress also supports SEO plug-ins that further simplify SEO tasks.


Google loves mobile. WordPress does, too. Most people looking for a business like yours are searching on their smartphones and Google, of course, knows that. Having a mobile-friendly site is clearly a ranking signal, which is one of the best benefits of WordPress. The majority of WordPress themes are automatically responsive and the ones that aren’t offer the choice of viewing websites in a mobile view format.


How much should you spend on a new website? How much do you charge for a new website? The strong visual impact of your new layout will generate more interest in your company, more onsite traffic, and ultimately more business activity. Our team will ensure that visitors to your website will have ease of use, quick loading capability, and device adaptability. Paying attention to current technology and future trends, 561 Media creates websites that conform to a variety of formats and devices – desktops, smart phones, tablets. With the bombardment of different mobile devices, this is a truly a plus.

We’ll be glad to tell you more about what we do. We have a fixed price. Please get in touch for a free consultation.


KevinMediaGroup can integrate our system with your existing website, or build it right into a new one. Every user on your site is an opportunity. If you want to make the kind of incremental improvements that deliver long-term gains.