Search Engine Optimization


Keyword research that zeroes in on your customers’ intent. This depends on your service area and/or grassroots marketing strategy.

In general, an SEO company’s first goal is to bring valuable organic traffic to an on-line site. As a result to increase its visibility and generate more revenue from advertisers who want their ads on a site with a high ranking. Organic traffic means people who find your site by searching in the search engines or other popular sites.

On Page SEO

Following a full site audit, for major pages and major page templates, I provide recommendations for structure, content, page titles, meta descriptions, linking, etc. Any page layout issues or duplicate content issues related to Google’s algorithm will be addressed.

Off Page SEO

Link Building is very important. Brainstorming session on ways to get strong, trusted links. Includes discussion of how to get these from existing business partners and clients. Includes brainstorming on content creation, blogging, contests, loyalty programs, etc.

Local Search

Register the business in the major local business directories that are trusted by Google. This phase is highly recommended even for businesses without potential for showing in the local search results, simply because it’s an easy way to get about a dozen trusted domains to link to you. Includes configuration of Google My Business Page.


Blogging and Content strategies that tell your story in the right places. We offer content writing and copywriting services that will boost your website's authority and domain ranking.

The SEO team has a team of writers to do well-written and keyword-rich articles. And then submit them to directories and other online content sites, which allow the site to rise in the search engine rankings.

Kevin Media Group is a top rated SEO Company Delray Beach in Florida.


All of our work can be tracked through Google Analytics. We will be reporting our results to you in detail every week/month.

A Florida SEO company can rank for the terms you want to use. However, they won’t necessarily rank for them organically. Unless they use specific software to collect the data and make the analysis for you.